"Heavy Spanish" by Dan Halen

(3) Tumblr na We Heart It -


(3) Tumblr na We Heart It -


Intricate weavings won through bingo

Played out on my droning machine

Three cherries and onto a winner

Came closer

To the plot that’s thicker

Than the (bracketed) bracken you are now caught up within



What tools of cranked up asphyxiation have you here?

Shed one more tear

And they could moisten this parchment of peace


Written with words like it made a difference

To shored up shells-of-a-man in moorings of paternalistic arrogance

Sands used to figurate

These late leather-plastic-coated car seats and furry mirror plumes

Now atrophy the banks of seasoned scurvacious travellers

Who slice and dice the waves with their waxened steed;

Within the womb of the ocean

Signification wanes as their strengthening need for radio signal

Boosts your ethnocratic house price


To be both empty and definable

Filled with

Froissart salty pushes

That were quaffed in pain


It won’t hurt if you bend to

Those rules, these are

Words of which I can contain,

Already residing, within my core:

I have many parts and different hearts and holes

And some not vulgar,

Some that, still, remain secure.

I have

Fits and splits and souls

For which you might have hungered

But never knew






Again. Always searching through

Frustration to placate

The wildmoor pleasure in annoyance

For when




I emit that ‘Oh, Oh, Oh’

Of Ainsworth’s Auriol

Delicate vibration

Diasporic expression

Lingering dry upon mud


Beneath my feet when I feel

High dreams

Shattered, how you negate sleep, how you release

Neat stories now, how

They bind me up with calendario ways

Decorating my unspoken

In a sound of self-assured logic









Take me to some other part of me

One that I am almost-yet

And do not dare

To atest

To see









Be still in this mess of my fleshed negligence

Happyfraid in a typificated world of neversense,

Within this inner fatty tissue of my cognitions,

Where guilded cells and decisions

Break all reason down. Be


In finding little reassurance, but fresh

Cool (a)forenotion

In the whispered curves and grooves that onedaywill move

Through the spirit in a luscious, winding way









Here, you and I, may make work of this plague-stricken town

Misreading good and bleeding strong

And wearing spines of unopened books

Until they implode


Stephane Benedett


Merging Past and Present

Kerényi Zoltán“Everyone experiences that occasional desire to look back at a bygone age, and to catch a glimpse of something that touches their heart and moves their soul, or throws fresh light on the changes around us. Window to the Pastcaptures snapshots of times gone by in such a way that, while being rooted in reality, the images created form something new by <h3>. They offer us the chance to remember with eyes wide open. With open eyes and open heart alike.”



I just wanted to put this up, because this tweet from Titus Andronicus just wholly illustrates what amazing people they are.

My tweet wasn’t completely ignorant, though. In fact that tweet invited exactly the sort of response I was hoping for.

There was a moment at that show where I felt…

Level Headed

Bright conviction burning down upon my botanised
Layers of thought, each
Level sealed
With misremembered kisses and with lingering
Longing for free
Open mouth.
I close my “eyes” to awaken my mind and
Nothing but the word: